Winter-Proof Your Home: Essential Garage Door Maintenance Tips

As the winter season approaches, ensuring your garage door is in top-notch condition becomes more critical than ever. A malfunctioning garage door not only disrupts your daily routine but also leaves your home vulnerable to the harsh elements of winter. To stay warm and secure throughout the season, it's crucial to stay on top of your garage door maintenance. Winter temperatures can put extra stress on older garage door springs, and the average 1,500 cycles of raising and lowering the door per year can accelerate wear and tear.

Here are some DIY maintenance tasks to keep your garage door in tip-top shape:

Protect Against Freezing: Prevent your garage door from freezing to the ground by maintaining the bottom rubber seal. Regularly clean and dry the seal with a cloth to keep moisture at bay. Trying to operate the electric opener when the door is frozen to the ground can lead to significant damage to your door system.

Clean the Tracks: Over time, accumulated dirt and debris in the garage door tracks and doorframe can cause misalignment issues. Clean out any leaves, twigs, or dirt from these areas. Foreign objects in the tracks can hinder the proper functioning of the rollers, causing them to wear out prematurely. If the door drags or binds, it puts unnecessary strain on the electric opener. When that happens, it is time to call as soon as possible to prevent significant damage.

Maintain Safety Sensors: Pay special attention to the safety sensors located near the bottom of each side of the garage door opening. As you work to keep snow out of the garage, bumping into these sensors can disrupt their alignment. Regularly wipe the sensors' lenses clean of debris and dirt. Be cautious not to block them with snow, shovels, or other items, as this can prevent the garage door from closing properly.

The International Door Association (IDA) recommends annual garage door maintenance for both safety and efficiency. Don't wait until winter is in full swing to address potential issues. Schedule your garage door tune-up today to ensure your home stays cozy and secure throughout the cold season.

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