Garage Door Remodel in Kirkwood: 2-to-1 Conversion

This century-old detached garage serves a single family home in Kirkwood. It sits snug in an alley access. With the 2-door entry, it was impossible to make the tight turn off the alley into either side of the garage. Neither homeowner could easily park in the garage. They just got used to parking outside. However, when it came time to sell, they knew it had to be fixed.
The conversion to a 16 ft. wide single garage door allows room for a car to make the turn-in off the alley. Two of our installers worked together to complete the 1-day transformation. After removing the center framing, they installed a lament-beam header, reframed the single opening with 2x4 studs, then wrapped side jambs. Finally, the old uninsulated metal doors were replaced with a new, insulated vinyl garage door.

After adding ceiling bracing and a new garage door opener, this 100 year-old garage was transformed for modern use.