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Quite Literally Blew Me Away

Unfortunately, not all service companies value your time as much as we do. At Overhead Door Company of St. Louis, we often have same-day service appointments. And let us know if you need a sticker near your garage door opener. We’ll give you one like we did for Eric!

6 months out of warranty (new home), my garage door breaks. I call the guys on the sticker (on the garage door), and got a rude rep but booked them anyways. Long story short they missed appointments and then tried to show up days later because they refused to cancel me.

Here is where Overhead Door [Company of St. Louis] comes in. They were the only ones in the area able to work with me on short notice. Staff on the call and on the job were extremely professional and friendly. They over-delivered on the service, courtesy, flexibility, and price. Overhead Door quite literally blew me away with how much better they made the experience.

I put their sticker over the one that came with the door. Keep it up guys. I will be back next time I have issues for sure.

If you’re dealing with an unexpected garage door issue, save yourself some time and frustration and just call these guys first. Night and Day when compared to the other guys.

– Eric, Lake Saint Louis

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