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Going Above And Beyond For All Our Customers

“I finally was fed up with my door not working properly, so I called Overhead Door just to see if I could get an estimate. After a little bit of jostling around on the phone, which was partially my fault for not properly verbalizing my needs, I was finally connected to a lady that offered me a couple options. When I hung up, I tried a quick fix that she suggested. It didn’t work, so I called back about 5 minutes later, around noon. She immediately scheduled a repair man to come out THAT AFTERNOON!

Zach arrived around 3:30. I explained my issue with the door not closing evenly when it finally would shut. I also sheepishly showed him my amateur attempt at insulating the door. He was working for roughly 45 minutes to an hour. Once he was done, he knocked on the kitchen door to let me know. The first thing I saw was that he fixed the insulation: I laughed at myself because I didn’t even notice the door opener being fixed. He then explained to me that he had to basically tear apart the whole opener to get to the culprit. He also lubricated the rollers on both doors just because they would eventually need it.
Zach went above and beyond, was friendly, professional, and fixed everything to where it was done right instead of just “making it work.” I would highly recommend Overhead Door and Zach.”

-Laura, St. Louis
Angie’s List Customer

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