Optional Garage Door Opener Accessories

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OHD Anywhere™ Smart Phone Garage Door Opener:
Smart Phone Garage Door Opener can control and monitor your garage door from anywhere with your Apple® iPhone, I-Pad or Android phone or tablet. Read more about the OHD Anywhere™ Application



Multi-function Remote Controllers with Docking Station:
(Available as 2 or 3 button remotes) These remotes operate multiple garage door openers and come with our CodeDodger Access Security Systems. Convenient docking station for vehicle use or key chain for personal use. Operates up to 3 Intellicode garage door openers.


2Mini Remote Controller with Key Chain:
(Available as 4-button remote) This mini remote works just like the multi-function remotes but is small enough to keep with your keys.




3Remote Controller with Flashlight:
The 1-button remote works just like the multi-function remote and features a light for added nighttime convenience.




4Remote Controller with Flashlight:
The remote works just like the multi-function remote and features a light for added night time convenience.




5Multi-function Remote Controllers:
Operate multiple Overhead Door garage door openers featuring CodeDodger Access Security.  Available in one two and three-button models.



6Mini Remote Controller:
Offers the same convenient features as the three-function remote controller in a smaller size.  Attaches to key ring (included) and easily fits into pocket, purse or glove compartment. Features CodeDodger Access Security.




7Digital Wireless Keypad:
Our digital wireless keypad provides secure door entry without remote control or key for up to three Overhead Door garage door openers with CodeDodger The new flip-up cover design is available in 4 colors to match your garage door color and features larger, lighted keypad buttons.